We want to make the world a better place one smile at a time

our brand, created by the team, takes a punny approach to making clothing cool again. We select the punniest puns, the cosiest garms and the most wonderful of charities, throw them all together and bob’s your mothers best friends lama, we’ve got a reason to be busy. Our hilarious, stylish and modest clothing is just the start, we’re hear to do so much more. We want to provide the world with an antidote to 2020 by creating a space where we can support each other with the challenges of the modern world, with a special focus on boosting wellbeing and mental health. Let’s learn from each other, grow together and build a happier future

Pun apparels big moment

born from the fiery pits of the year 2020, Pun Apparel took its first breath in the second lockdown. By black friday it was crawling and by pre-Christmas panic shipping it was out of nappies, ready to make the world smile.

our mission

it’s simple, we believe in you. We want you to be your optimum self. Life has a knack at putting some blocks in the way and our job is to help remove them. We’re supporting the conversation around mental health through punny clothes, insightful blogs and building a community to enrich each other’s lives.

Join the movement

if you believe in seeing more smiles then join us, you can do that by donation to one of our charities, providing content for our blog, pointing us towards your favourite remedies for the blues or simply sharing the love online and on social networks, as one of our ambassadors. Contact us today and share the love