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So many of you are always requesting more and more self-care content! And I love that you love self-care as much as I do! I thought it would be fun to create the ultimate Self-Care Wellness Routine incorporating all of my absolute favorite wellness activities and practices. This is the routine I strive to practice every day, although some days I have to modify according to my commitments and schedule. And I think that is a huge element of self-care, too. Adaptability. Forgiveness. Being gentle with yourself.

This self-care wellness routine can be modified and adjusted to meet your needs. I always suggest checking in with yourself and reflecting on what your body and mind need for each day. You can ask yourself questions such as:

How am I feeling today?

How would I like to feel by the end of the day? By the end of the week?

What obstacles might I face this week? How can I prepare my mind for those obstacles?

How can I most effectively nourish my mind?

Asking yourself a series of reflective questions can help you create the perfect, custom self-care routine that will bring you the most rewarding wellness benefits. Once you know what you are looking for, you can utilize this self-care wellness routine as a guide, and simply adjust the areas that don’t match your needs.

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Ultimate Self-Care Wellness Routine

Let’s get to it and dive right into this fun wellness routine! I hope that you find these practice ideas just as lovely and healing as I do.

Gratitude Journal

Start with a grateful heart. Gratitude journaling is an incredibly easy and rewarding way to start the day. Simply grab your journal, write down 3 things that you are grateful for, and that’s it! If you’d like to spend some time pondering and reflecting on all the reasons why you are grateful for those things, I definitely encourage you to do so.

Spending time reflecting on things you are grateful for, no matter how small or simple they may be, helps to create a more positive mindset. This practice slowly evolves any negative thinking habits into a positively aligned thought process. Gratitude journaling has even been shown to help with anxiety and depression according to some studies!

Drink A Full Glass of Water

Staying hydrated is such an overlooked element of not only self-care, but your overall physical health. We often get so caught up in our day’s obligations that we forget to nourish our body with the pure water it craves.

Drinking other liquids is great and provides some degree of hydration, but nothing gives you the full hydration that water does. So take some time each morning to sip on a glass of water. Your body and skin will thank you! You may even notice changes in your mood and mind.

Get Your Body Moving

Whether you enjoy a full on workout, casual walk, or even just a nice stretch session, spending some time moving your body every day have so many benefits. It is great to workout for 30-60 minutes every day but I get that we don’t always have the time or motivation for this. If it is motivation that is the issue, start out by doing a 10-15 minute workout. Do that for 2 weeks or until you feel that habit forming. Then add on more minutes, schedule permitting, at 5-10 minute increments or whatever feels manageable to you!

If you just aren’t the most active person, try dedicating 2-3 days doing a more full-on workout or walk, and enjoy a full body stretch or short yoga practice on the other days. This self-care practice is truly just about giving some love and care to your body, in whatever way you find best for you. And as a bonus, taking care of your body and exercises tends to also nourish your mind and boost your mood.

Tend to Your Obligations

Most of us have work and while this doesn’t feel like self-care, getting your day’s obligations accomplished feels good. And going into your work day with a positive mind and a set of self-care practices already completed in the morning can make for a great day! Before you even started your work day you have already worked on gratitude, nourished your body with hydration, and gotten your sweat or stretch on! Go You!

If you don’t have to go to work, then this is your time to tend to task and chores that you need to get done. (For those who have to work an allotted duration of the day, take one day of the weekend to cross these chores off the list!)

Unwind with a Shower

Lately I have really been favoring showers versus baths. When we think self-care our mind jumps to the idea of a candlelit soothing bath, but have you considered trying a healing warm shower? I love the feeling of the water washing away the day’s stresses. It becomes very meditative and mindful. My shower is my favorite part of my day. It is so healing for me and grounds my emotions.

I like to use the dim light in my bathroom and light candles that I place on my bathroom counter. I turn on music that feels right for the day. Some days this is happy, fun music, other days it is calm and relaxing music. Many days it is filled with Adele and Ed Sheeran, let’s be real.

I try to be conscious of my water usage so I utilize the few minutes where my conditioner is in my hair to just relax, sing, and practice visualization.

Give Your Skin Some Love

Skincare is self-care! And I don’t just mean the fun face masks. I think it is perfect to do your skincare routine right after showering, when your pores are open from the steam of the shower. I am definitely not a skincare expert though! Skincare can be relaxing and fun! It also doesn’t need to be complicated. If you didn’t cleanse your face in the shower, cleanse it now. Then follow up with a toner, exfoliant, serum, and moisturizer- or whatever works for your skin!

Allow your shower and skincare to be your “me time” that is just for you! Uninterrupted and calming. I like to think of this part of my day as my sacred ritual. It’s the highlight of my evening!

Have a Healthy Home Cooked Dinner

I know, I know. Dinner time is at the end of the day, and often after a long, tiring day. But most the time we have a quick breakfast and an easy lunch. Healthy meals don’t have to be hard or complicated. Just try to include unprocessed whole foods! Keep an eye out for unnecessary added sugar in things light salsas and marinara sauce too. Whenever I eat a clean meal I feel good! My stomach feels less bloated and my digestion is great.

This definitely doesn’t have to be dinner time, but I do recommend getting one meal every day that is very health focused and well balanced! Of course, always maintain a healthy relationship with food and do what is right for your body and your mind!

Enjoy Some Down Time

Put on a movie, catch up on your favorite show, read a book, or do something that makes you feel relaxed! Give yourself a little time at night to just chill. No worries, no obligations. Just time for you to sit back and relax.

For me this is typically putting on a movie or show while I enjoy my delicious dinner. But find the activity that feels good to you. Recharge and rest your mind for a little before bedtime.

Make a To-Do List for the Next Day

I like to end my night by quickly jotting down some of the things I need to get done the next day. This helps me feel organized and mentally prepared to take on the day! It took me a while to find the format of to-do list that worked best for me. Many people like to write down time frames for each task, but I personally just like to write out a list of things that I need or want to do, with no time frame of when they need to get done in the day. This takes pressure off me and allows me to have flexibility with myself. Sometimes when I see that I am way behind on schedule, it overwhelms me and I get down on myself. So just having a list and knowing I need to try to get these things done before bedtime feels a lot easier for me.

Keep your list doable and not too daunting. This practice is to help you feel organized and maintain a level of productiveness, not to overwhelm you.

Give Yourself a Good Laugh

One of the last things I like to do before bed is to watch a funny video. This may seem silly, but it really helps to redirect my mind from any of the worries or stresses that tend to show up right before bed. Going to sleep with a happy thought in mind genuinely helps me sleep better! Plus, it just feels nice to laugh.

This can be as quick as watching a 30 second TikTok, or if you have more time, I highly recommend watching funny interviews like James Cordon carpool karaoke or one of the funny game segments that Jimmy Fallon does with his guests.

Complete the Day with Releasing Breaths

The very last part of my self-care wellness routine is to take a few deep breaths. This is so quick and easy, but very effective. It is one last final calming practice to get your body and mind ready for a night’s rest.

I switch up the different styles of breathing that I do, but if I am not feeling too anxious or overwhelmed then I like to just stick to the very basic and traditional deep breathing. I just breath in a big breath, pause for a short moment, and release with a long exhale. This is so soothing and a perfect self-care practice to end the day. It is a bit of a meditative practice without gong into a full on meditation.

And That’s the Routine!

So there you have it, my ultimate Self-Care Wellness Routine. As I mentioned, always start by checking in with yourself and modify your routine as needed. Some days I feel like I need more reflection so I will take some time for journal prompt writings. Other days I feel overwhelmed and I cut down my routine or treat myself to something new and fun!

You know your body best! Trust in your knowledge and find a routine that fuels you and recharges your soul!



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